Thursday, March 3, 2011

Requesting Permission...

Martha Stewart's Bean Burritos
I've prepared this recipe many times.  It's just delicious.  I'd love to share it with you.  But I can't.  Why?

Because it's not my recipe to share.  It's Martha Stewart's recipe.

That's my photograph, however, and if you'll notice that in the bottom left corner there's a tiny copyright notice.  That means I'm the photographer.  The photograph belongs to me and if you want to use it, you have to ask for my permission.  Fair is fair, after all.

I have to confess that on my "chatty" blog, Lake Mary Musings, I've posted several recipes, including this one.  All under the impression that if I credited the creator - in this case Martha Stewart - that all was well.

I was wrong.  Mea Culpa . 

There are still some recipes on that blog that I have no idea who to credit.  So I've said that and if I ever discover who "owns" the recipe, I'll ask.

I've relegated the recipes that I know I shouldn't have printed to "draft" status until such time as I obtain permission to post them.  And that's in the works.  I have letters submitted to several publishers asking for permission.

In the meantime, I'm going to have fun.  Creating my own recipes!  Also, I'll review some recipes from some of my favorite food blogs, take my own photos and give you the links or, if I am allowed to reprint the recipe, I'll do that.

The same will hold true for the "crafty" recipes.  Thanks for understanding!

UPDATE:  After some research I've learned that a list of ingredients can't be copyrighted since ingredients are not "inventions or creations" of any one person.  They're available to everyone.  If a recipe is simply based on another published recipe but has been altered in some way such as adding ingredients or writing a new method, it's not copyrighted.   My source: U.S. Copyright Office


  1. I'm glad you got an update. It sounds like that makes a whole lot more sense. Have Fun!

  2. Yep, it was a relief. I like to make a new recipe exactly as it's printed the first time...but after that, I almost always change it somehow and often find I like my version even better!

  3. Don't tell me Martha contacted you and told you to take down a recipe! Every cookbook I have reviewed on my blog gets credit to the creator and I've never had a problem. lol If anything it generate sales for them!

    I gladly share any and all recipes that I created on my blog and I want people to take them and make them. That is the fun with recipes...making, sharing the food and sharing the recipes so others can enjoy, too!