About Crafty Lady

Welcome to my Crafty Lady blog!

I created this blog to compliment my other blog - Lake Mary Musings - which is primarily a chatty blog with my random thoughts on life in general.  No, make that random thoughts on MY life in general.  Travel, photography and life on Lake Mary are the premises.

I also love to cook, decorate and sew.  I love handmade gifts.  So this blog will be more about recipes - for food and fun!

The photograph in the heading of this blog is mine.  It's trimmed from a photograph that I took some years ago in Sonoma County, California at the Korbel Winery.  Just thought you might like to know about that.

From time to time, I'll tell you about a product that I really like.  However, my opinions are unsolicited and I receive no compensation for any recommendations.   It's just that I've used whatever it is in a recipe or craft and it works for me.  Just my two cents!

On the other hand, if I add a link to a book or an item, it's very likely through Amazon or another company of which I am an affiliate.  If you purchase something from that link, I'll receive a teensy weensy compensation from it plus they'll give me a pat on the back.